Return Assurance

If you would like to have the unaccepted items from your Clean Out Kit returned to you, offers a service called Return Assurance for an additional fee of $15, which is collected when you request your Clean Out Kit. We recommend Return Assurance for sellers who do not want to have their unlisted items donated or responsibly recycled. Return Assurance can only be chosen at the time you request your Clean Out Kit, and only items not listed for sale will be returned. If you did not select Return Assurance, these items cannot be sent back to you, nor can we request these items to be returned as they will have already been donated or responsibly recycled. Please note that we do not provide compensation for items that were not accepted and donated without Return Assurance.

How to add Return Assurance to your Clean Out Bag:

At the time of ordering a Clean Out Kit you are asked to choose between having your unaccepted items recycled or having them returned to you:

Where does send my return assurance items?

Our team will ship your Return Assurance bag to the address where your Clean Out Kit is originally mailed. In an instance where your shipping address has changed, please reach out to before your bag is processed and we would be happy to update the shipping address on file. If your Return Assurance bag was already shipped to an outdated address, we recommend getting in contact with USPS to establish a mail forwarding address since packages cannot be rerouted.

How do I track my return assurance items?

Once your Return Assurance bag is shipped, it can take up to 8 business days to be delivered to you. If your tracking information is no longer updating, please reach out to for additional assistance.


If Return Assurance has been paid and all items are accepted from a your Return Assurance Clean Out Kit, the $15 will be credited to your consignor account.